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Working Online

Working online might seem impersonal, but in fact it's very possible to achieve the therapeutic connection while working together in this way. I have specialist training and a lot of experience in online therapy and it has proved to be very effective for many people.

Working online is flexible and straightforward and it offers huge advantages for both individuals and couples. You might choose to work online for several reasons. The obvious one is that it saves time travelling back and forth and makes it easier to fit therapy into your schedule. You might also choose to work this way if you are housebound, through illness or limited mobility, or if you have caring or parental responsibilities. It's also a good option for those working anti-social hours or if you are living or working abroad or have limited access to a well-qualified professional.

How it Works
If this way of working seems right for you we will have a free 30 minute initial session in which you can tell me what has brought you to therapy and what you are looking for and you can find out more about the way that I work.
If you then decide to go forward with paid sessions we will agree dates and times. I would ask that for all sessions you make sure that you have a quiet and private space in which you can talk to me without interruption.

I have a lot of experience of working with couples online. Many couples choose to work this way, either because they find scheduling difficult or because they are having a long-distance relationship, which can happen for a variety of reasons.

"Working online with Jim has been a life-saver. As a doctor, short on time, I couldn't fit in face to face therapy, but this way I have been able to have the sessions when I could manage them. And the insight and support that Jim has given me has enabled me to manage my life and make choices that are right for me."

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