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Men in Therapy

New Men's Group Starting October 2018
This October I will be starting an ongoing Men's Therapy Group in the New Forest one evening a fortnight. This will provide a safe space for men to explore their issues and to learn from other men. Please contact me if you are interested.

Men, traditionally, have been reluctant to go into therapy. They tend to believe the myth that they should be able to cope on their own and they sometimes distance from their own feelings, which can make it hard for them to accept what is really going on.

I know first-hand how daunting it can be going into therapy. But once the therapeutic process is begun it can bring relief, clarity and peace of mind.

I provide an environment in which men can explore a variety of issues such as interpersonal relationships, identity and gender, improving self management and the working through of myths that we have about ourselves that inhibit personal growth and the way we want our relationships to be. Recurring themes include dealing with pain,parenting, learning to manage feelings of vulnerability,relationship breakdown, growing the skill to be in touch with all aspects of our life, learning to manage conflict and power struggles and communicating needs in a satisfying way.

In working with me you can learn to receive feedback that is supportive and challenging and aimed at getting to the core of a problem.

Many men have mixed feelings about becoming fathers or find parenting tough.Some men are stepfathers and can find this challenging and problematic. I can help men who are parents or step-parents to improve their relationships with children and with partners. By looking at the way we were parented ourselves, we can make choices about the way we want to parent.

If you’re feeling stuck in any aspect of your life please contact me to arrange a session.

"I was desperate to change my life, but I felt stuck. Jim was challenging and direct. Looking back this was what I needed to change the way I was behaving and move forward in my life."

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