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Intensive Therapy

I offer intensive therapy for individuals and couples who want to resolve issues in a short space of time. This might be for logistical reasons – you might have little time available – or you might feel there is an issue in your life or relationship which urgently needs addressing.

For those living locally I offer two hour visits, two or three times a week.

Intensive therapy is also ideal for those living outside the area, or abroad, who may want to combine it with a break in the New Forest. My practice is based in Lymington, one of the premier sailing centres in the country, with the beautiful New Forest National Park all around us. You can stay locally and work with me on a daily basis. This can be overnight, over two or three days or for a week.

For couples, being away together and allowing time to be with each other in a new environment and away from the usual pressures is part of the process of resolving the difficulties in your relationship.

As a very experienced and highly-trained therapist I have a great deal of skill in working with couples and individuals in this way. In my experience the extended periods of therapy are powerful and effective in bringing about lasting change. I have had couples come to me who have separated or are on the brink of parting and who, after intensive therapy, feel better about themselves and the relationship and are able to find a way forward together. And for individuals facing a crisis, whether in a relationship or elsewhere in their lives, intensive therapy has enabled them to feel empowered and respond effectively.

I charge for intensive therapy at my standard hourly rate. Please see the fees page for details.

"Working intensively with Jim was life-changing. After only a few sessions my husband and I were able to stop arguing and begin to listen to one another and to say things that we were never able to say to one another or talk about before."

'I felt my life was in freefall, I hated my job and didn't know whether to leave my relationship. In six weeks Jim helped me to see that I had choices, and to change my life in ways I didn't think possible.'

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