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Individual Therapy

The reasons why people come to psychotherapy are personal and varied, but there are three general areas that often seem to apply:

First there are those who feel that life could be better. They are dissatisfied, perhaps hurting and unhappy – they feel that something is missing in life. Sometimes they are considering a big decision and want to talk it through.

Second there are those who want to be able to manage and influence their own behaviours. They know that life will be better if they make changes and they want support to identify and make those changes.

Thirdly there are those who want to grow and develop as people, to be a part of shaping their own lives with depth and understanding.

In supporting these goals, I work with individuals to make changes and integrate their therapeutic learning into their everyday lives. I believe that therapy works best when you take what you learn in the therapy room and apply it to what you do and say in the world outside.

Have you been ignoring problems that you need to address? If you really want to improve your situation then work on the one thing over which you have control – yourself.

I believe in human potential, we all have it in us to shape and create the lives we want to lead, and to connect with and function from our own best selves. And when we do this we make life decisions – the everyday ones and the big ones – with compassion for others and ourselves, with self-understanding and with wisdom.

"I was fed-up with choosing the wrong men to get involved with, I wanted to find a good and lasting relationship. Jim helped me to see it wasn't about the men, it was about me, and the choices I made. Now I'm with someone who treats me with love and respect."

"I was drifting along, not really enjoying anything. I needed to motivate myself and decide which direction I wanted my life to go in. Six months on everything is feeling very different - new job, happier relationship and a lot more fun in life."

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