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About Counselling and Psychotherapy

What are Counselling and Psychotherapy?
Counselling is an exchange between two people, one a trained expert in interpersonal or behavioural problems and the other a client who has chosen to take part in their own healing process.

Psychotherapy goes deeper than counselling, it involves significantly more training on the part of the therapist and is a way we can look at and make changes to long held patterns of behaviour and thinking. If we want to we can develop parts of ourselves that can support us in dealing with life's challenges.

How can Psychotherapy help?
Psychotherapy can help us deal with most things that affect us in our daily lives. For many people relationship difficulties are foremost and psychotherapy can be enormously effective in helping to resolve these. For others the issue is anger, depression, loneliness, feeling overburdened or a sense of dissatisfaction with life. For all these and more, psychotherapy will provide support, insight and the path towards change.
I have a limited number of Saturday appointments.

For more information about Counselling and Psychotherapy and how it could help to change your life, please email Alternatively call 01590 688519.

"Thank you so much Jim, you helped me understand why I kept falling for unavailable men. I feel much stronger in making choices about who I date."

"I felt so much better after my first session with Jim, he listened and helped me feel OK about a difficult time in my life."

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