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Couples Counselling

Why come for Couples Counselling?
Couples come either when they are in crisis and feel stuck and can't find a way forward, or when they want to look at and improve their relationship and find a more satisfying way of being together. Often when we go through different life stages, such as moving in together, having a child, children leaving home or retirement, it can expose difficulties in the relationship and we may need help in looking at how we relate to each other.

What areas does Couples Work cover?
Couples work covers many areas within the relationship, such as communication, conflict, intimacy, affairs, sexual problems, money, parenting and step-parenting.I am interested in the dynamics of your relationship and how that works for both of you.Each person brings their own history and blind spots to the relationship. I will explore these with you and how it impacts on your relationship.
What can we expect from Couples Counselling?
You can expect total confidentiality and a supportive environment in which both of you can be honest, learn ways of talking to each other which make a difference and make the changes you want in your relationship.
I facilitate complex and sometimes difficult conversations between couples, while introducing practical skills to help manage change and solve problems.Getting the best out of relationships requires skills that many of us have never learned. How to be clear about what we would like, how to negotiate, how to express anger and disappointment constructively. My main aim in working with you is to find a way that you can form a relationship with each other that is satisfying for both of you.

What if we're thinking of ending the relationship?
Couples counselling can also address the issue of separation and divorce. When you are involved in or contemplating legal proceedings, counselling and psychotherapy can help you look at what you want for the future and work towards the best possible resolution for you.
I will support you in looking at the issues in your relationship and considering what behaviours need to end for the relationship to continue. If you reach a decision to separate I will support you in finding a good ending.

If you would like more information about Couples Counselling, please email or Alternatively call 01590 688519.

"When we came to couples counselling we thought that breaking up was the only thing to do. We now are able to talk to each other honestly, without blaming, we have improved our relationship and our children are much happier."

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